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  1. And how to do this? i can see to add it to uniform but it requests me to upload a file.
  2. I already found my answer to question 1 by accident ?
  3. Hey there i have 2 questions. 1- I have that i wish to edit in the Applications system the standaard questions a little bit. (First name / Last Name / Country ect.) By adding a description and the text of the questions. But i cannot find where i can edit those for all i can find is how to add own custom fields to it. So it would be nice if someone could explain me how to get to edit those. 2- I am looking into the profiles of every soldiers where of course it shows all their information. But what i am wanting to add is something alike this: How is this done? I would very appreciate some help with this. Awaiting in reply: Thanks in advance.
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