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  1. Can't seem to follow up on the ticket I submitted, so I'll post here. I think what's going on is that my site name contains a comma, and it should be quoted in the From: field but it's not. See https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?threadID=59220.
  2. Sorry, I just found the bug submission form. I'll post this issue there.
  3. I installed and configured the "AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management" plugin, but when I try to send a test email I see the following error in the logs: Error: Local address contains control or whitespace Stack trace: "#0 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/aws\/aws-sdk-php\/src\/WrappedHttpHandler.php(97): Aws\\WrappedHttpHandler->parseError() #1 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(204): Aws\\WrappedHttpHandler->Aws\\{closure}() #2 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(169): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise::callHandler() #3 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/RejectedPromise.php(42): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise::GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\{closure}() #4 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/TaskQueue.php(48): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\RejectedPromise::GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\{closure}() #5 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/guzzle\/src\/Handler\/CurlMultiHandler.php(158): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\TaskQueue->run() #6 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/guzzle\/src\/Handler\/CurlMultiHandler.php(183): GuzzleHttp\\Handler\\CurlMultiHandler->tick() #7 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(248): GuzzleHttp\\Handler\\CurlMultiHandler->execute() #8 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(224): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->invokeWaitFn() #9 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(269): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->waitIfPending() #10 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(226): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->invokeWaitList() #11 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(269): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->waitIfPending() #12 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(226): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->invokeWaitList() #13 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(62): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->waitIfPending() #14 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/aws\/aws-sdk-php\/src\/AwsClientTrait.php(58): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->wait() #15 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/aws\/aws-sdk-php\/src\/AwsClientTrait.php(86): Aws\\AwsClient->execute() #16 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/Outgoing\/SES.php(42): Aws\\AwsClient->__call() #17 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/core\/modules\/admin\/settings\/email.php(189): IPS\\awsses\\Outgoing\\_SES->_send() #18 \/var\/www\/ipb\/system\/Dispatcher\/Controller.php(101): IPS\\core\\modules\\admin\\settings\\_email->manage() #19 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/core\/modules\/admin\/settings\/email.php(38): IPS\\Dispatcher\\_Controller->execute() #20 \/var\/www\/ipb\/system\/Dispatcher\/Dispatcher.php(153): IPS\\core\\modules\\admin\\settings\\_email->execute() #21 \/var\/www\/ipb\/admin\/index.php(13): IPS\\_Dispatcher->run() #22 {main}" I had no issues sending test emails using normal PHP (which incidentally is using SES through postfix).
  4. For the small group of people (if it even exists) who might also have this problem, it was because I was still using IPB 4.3. I created the template "field_1" with variable "$soldier" and used something like the following: {{$fields = \IPS\perscom\Personnel\CustomField::roots( 'view', NULL, array( 'field_visible=?', 1 ) );}} {{$column = $fields[1]->column();}} {$soldier->$column} The index to fields will depend on which one you're trying to get. Thanks again for the help, Jon! -Tim
  5. Jon, yes that's pretty much it. The styling would be a bit different (use an image or CSS class) but I assume I'd be able to adjust that after I got it basically working. Our site is using IPB 4.3.6 since our theme doesn't seem to be compatible with 4.4, and Perscom 1.2.5. https://2ndrb.org/ipb/index.php?/perscom/personnel/roster/1-combat-roster/ I got it to stop showing the error by creating perscom/front/columns/field_1 and tried the contents {$soldier->personnel_field_1->_value} and variable $soldier. But I assume that's beside the point if it's supposed to work out of the box. -Tim
  6. I know it says that it's for "advanced users", but I'm trying to understand how to show a custom field in the personnel roster. I created a new Personnel > Custom Field called "Rating" where a soldier may be given a rating (A, B, C, ...) as a radio. As a test, I configured the display as "<span>{title}: {value}</span>". When I add this field to Personnel > Settings > Customize, I get a template error that "Template perscom/front/columns/field_1 does not exist. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme." As a bit of a Hail Mary, I tried to create this template with the same content and variables settings as perscom/front/columns/custom, but this threw a general error. I didn't find anything when searching the forums, could someone help me, direct me to any relevant answers, or let me know what additional information I should provide? Thanks!
  7. Hi Jon, I'm the actual webmaster for Will's unit. There was indeed a soldier with perscom_status of 0. He's inactive, so we just did a full (delete) discharge, and the problem appears solved. Thanks for the help!
  8. I hacked up a workaround by deleting setup/upg_10002/upgrade.php from both the archive and from the site's docroot, repacking the TAR, and uploading the new version. The upgrade completed successfully after that. I think maybe the upgrade.php file was creating the new tables, then the data/schema.json tried to create them again (or the other way around). I'm not familiar with IPB plugin/app development.
  9. When I go to update Perscom from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0 by uploading the new TAR through the AdminCP, it complains about "Table 'perscom_personnel_fields' already exists", see attached screenshot. When I check my database, I see that the table is empty. I try to drop it and upload the new version again, but it just creates the table and shows the same error.
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