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  1. So how exactly do I update my payment info? Link in the e-mail is broken and I can't seem to find it without running into an error.
  2. This is a feature I would second. So essentially you would have a combat roster and an administrative roster with taps or something that would allow you to switch between viewing either or. 7Cav has enabled a version of this using Xenforo and the roster plugin they use. They actually have a few different custom rosters: https://7cav.us/rosters/. Maybe adding in the ability to construct custom rosters in addition to this would be a good idea? Take a look at what the 7th Cav has.
  3. Don't forget if you add this, make its use optional.
  4. Or automatic awards when someone hits a certain TIS.
  5. I'll probably be asking you guys a lot of things about how you built your site lol.
  6. How did you give it a background? And can you have the rank that appears be a different version than the one used for the forums?
  7. Thank you Arthur, this was a major help. I also appreciate the work that goes into PERSCOM, I really do, I've just had a few issues learning how to use it. Also, I wouldn't want my own creativity to be stifled either. I was only asking for a "So this is an example of what you can do with PERSCOM" sort of thing, specifically with relation to the document/template system. How about I ask you, for 3ID, will you guys be using a new document for every single service record entry? For example, if CPL Jane Doe is being promoted to SGT, would a new document be created specifically for this individual's promotion to that specific rank? Or would that be a template, but requiring a new document for each instance it's used? That is the trouble I'm having in deciding how to use it. Maybe getting insight from someone else about how they do it will help me construct mine. Maybe give me some examples of what PARs you use, for what purposes, and why?
  8. Can we get some sort of companion guide about how to use most of the functions? I'm having a really hard time figuring it out, and I don't feel as though most of this is as intuitive as PERSCOM 1 was. I want the look/feel/intuition of the first PERSCOM, but with the flexibility of this one. For example, I don't know how to really use the template/document system in an intuitive way, partly because I don't know much about the functions themselves or their limitations. Also, when adding service records, how do you get it to distinguish between a promotion, demotion, general document, award, etc? Is there somewhere I can "File" an Award or Promotion/Demotion like the old system had? This is incredibly frustrating and I would really like some direction. The document system is probably one of the most problematic things for me. As I've said before, there is little description of what PERSCOM 2.0 can even do, so it's essentially a learning curve. But I would like more clear and concise information to help me determine what it is that I can even do with PERSCOM. I feel like it's a powerful system, but I'm unsure as to how to utilize it. A breakdown of all of PERSCOM's major features, and maybe a few examples of what some of the things you can do with it "Such as a set up document system" would be helpful. I've messed around with the demo website, and it isn't helping much.
  9. It is, it still says it's disabled and will not show up.
  10. It says in the menu manager that it is disabled. When I scroll over it in the menu manager it reads "This feature is disabled and so a menu item for it will never show".
  11. My enlistment center is listed as disabled when I go into the menu manager and I'm not sure why, but it won't show up on the navigation bar as a result. How can I fix this?
  12. How do I I opt into the use of a single name instead of the First name/last name?
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