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  1. In Australia, we have many different types of Private ranks depending on what you are doing. If you get transferred, it isn't really right to call it a 'promotion' so we'd love a few extra things here: If the "Paygrade" doesnt change, don't reset "Time in Grade". If the "Paygrade" doesnt change, don't record it as a "promotion" or "demotion". Maybe say something like "was made a". I can't think of a word for it...
  2. Not sure if this is a feature request, or a technical support request (if it can be done already with some magic). Our group has no use for the MOS field. We can't think about what to do with it to save ourselves as nothing like it exists in Australia. We would love to just get rid of it entirely, or at least not need to put some random BS in it as it is a mandatory field.
  3. Hi there, I assume this would be much harder to do, but I thought I'd put a request in for it anyway as it's often the one thing our staff forget to change as it is the only thing they have to leave PERSCOM for. It would be great if Usernames could be automatically updated to fit the following: Use the name set in PERSCOM Add the rank in front Add suffixes Suffixes would be useful for awards, but also when a Senior Officer retires they get (Retd.) after their name.
  4. I think that the supervisor feature could be expanded in a lot of great ways. I like this idea of having it automatic, but also having the ability to have groups as supervisors would be helpful for us. Staff Section 1 (Administrative Position) manage all our AWOL people so having it automatically notify everyone in S1, AND their Section Commander would be great.
  5. Hi there, It would be great if the Integration Module automatically changed members Custom Title (Rank) to match their rank as set in PERSCOM. Thanks ?
  6. Do you have any more information available about the SquadXML plugin?
  7. Thank you both ? Is there a place where I can see this in the future?
  8. Where can I see the currently supported version of IPB? I just purchased the Pages Application meaning I need to update to 4.4.7 to get it to work but can't find what version PERSCOM supports.
  9. Sorry if this has already been suggested or already planned, but it would be nice to see this feature expanded to work similar to the enlistment applications to allow comments, updating of the request, and withdrawing of the request.
  10. Thanks for this suggestion; I am still learning how this platform works so I will look into that! The reason we want to have to accept reporting in as we only want people who are actually active in operations to be reporting in. I don't see much use to it if someone who hasn't come to an operation in 3 months can report in. Thanks for that, I was! Another easy solution.
  11. Sorry for my complete lack of knowledge in CSS but where would I put this in the template/CSS code to get this to work?
  12. Kia ora, My community have been loving using this software over the past few Months although there are a few changes we would love to see. American Centric Headings While we understand that 99% of the units using this software are likely American, it would be great to be able to customise things like MOS (We don't have anything like this), "Officer in Charge/NCO in Charge" (We call them something entirely different), and Operations Center (We'd Spell it Operations Centre). Reporting In It would be great for reporting in to require acceptance, almost like a personal action.
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