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  1. Jon Erickson's post in Combat Unit Viewings was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Royal Harper, the images are only used when you display the personnel files in categories versus a list. This is a setting you can change. 
  2. Jon Erickson's post in Copying custom fields on personnel file may lead to loss of data! was marked as the answer   
    As @ClanHBS stated, yes, this is linked to the magic clone method in PHP and IPB's method for copying active records. I've brought it up before but appears it still may be an issue.
  3. Jon Erickson's post in Perscom Setup Fee was marked as the answer   
    The PERSCOM Setup Fee is a onetime initial purchase price for the software. We wish we could rename the fee as it doesn’t quite align with the purpose, but we are limited to the software we use. From then on, PERSCOM is $10/month. 
  4. Jon Erickson's post in Domain Nameservers was marked as the answer   
    @Benality[3SFG], yes, with every service we provide, if you have purchased a domain elsewhere, you can simply update the nameservers to your hosting plan you have with us. 
  5. Jon Erickson's post in Key Test and uniforme generator was marked as the answer   
    PERSCOM does not auto-generate uniforms. You must upload them for each soldier you wish. At this time, we do not allow the ability to trial our product. We are planning for the future to have the ability to install for a trial period. 
    You can test the product within our development environment, dev.deschutesdesigngroup.com. You can find login credentials on the download or store page for PERSCOM.
  6. Jon Erickson's post in PayPal was marked as the answer   
    We would love to use PayPal but at this time Invision Power Board does not support PayPal and the use of Billing Agreements, which is needed to process renewal agreements/payments. This is a known bug by the IPB staff. Until they provide support, we cannot offer this option. Once it is available, we will definitely enable it here.
  7. Jon Erickson's post in Transferring Solider Data from PERSCOM1 to PERSCOM2? was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately due to a massive backend upgrade, and frankly, a complete different piece of software (IPB 3 to IPB 4 is the equivalent of English to Spanish), there is no way to import data from PERSCOM 1 to PERSCOM 2. We wish this could have been a possibility, but it was not our choosing.
  8. Jon Erickson's post in Will you ever port this to work with vbulletin was marked as the answer   
    @KgB At this point in time, our development focus is in the IPB system. Our development team is small and once we can build up support and a team for the product, we hope to release it across multiple platforms!
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