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  1. Glad to hear. Kinda comical how they have refused to fix this bug before there next major release. No hot fix or anything. Seems like an important bug to fix in my opinion.
  2. @Ashton, check the service records settings. You can ignore status'/units there for their TIS service records. As for the supervisors, we are working on an organizational chart that will display your organization in the view of an org chart so you can see who all is under who.
  3. Funny - was released a month ago. I’m not sure why the date shows today. I did a update check as well and nothing is showing new for download. Looks like just a mess up on their documentation. They are getting ready to release 4.6 which will be a large release hence the time it is taking.
  4. Hi @Royal Harper, the images are only used when you display the personnel files in categories versus a list. This is a setting you can change.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I really like the recommendation to attach multiple personnel files to a member. As for the language strings, you can customize them to how you mentioned in your post. You will use the “translate” function that’s built into IPB under the languages section. You can then search for the strings you want to change and make the modification there.
  6. Yes and yes! @Benality[3SFG]
  7. Added the ability to search for soldiers using your custom fields now!
  8. Nate, I am not sure what you are referencing in the attached image. Can you please add some context? Thanks!
  9. No - nothing is ever hard coded. Does Ingrams last name contain CW3?
  10. You can check their homepage under the Release Updates for a list of changes in their product releases.
  11. We found a bug in IPBs core software that is causing this issue. We have submitted the bug and IPB staff have confirmed the bug and have stated it will be fixed in their next release.
  12. Hey @Mason Lee, thanks so much for bringing all your ideas forward. After visiting your website, it appears you may be running IPB v4.4 and therefore do not have access to the new IPB marketplace? Without access to the IPB marketplace, you will not receive the latest PERSCOM updates. I say this because, the currently released version of PERSCOM includes several of the features you mention. For example, we have implemented a promotion points tracking system that does exactly as you mention. When awarding, entering records, qualifications etc, you can attach a pre-set number of promotion points
  13. @Benality[3SFG] are you currently utilizing the PERSCOM API?
  14. I’ll look into this - could be a simple thing as the seconds of the record are off which causes it to show 11 months instead of 12.
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