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  1. @Benality[3SFG] are you currently utilizing the PERSCOM API?
  2. I’ll look into this - could be a simple thing as the seconds of the record are off which causes it to show 11 months instead of 12.
  3. @Benality[3SFG], are you saying you’d like the ability to sort the table based on a custom field you have for a personnel file?
  4. To everyone affected by this IPB bug, please submit a support ticket, or reply if you have a current ticket open with your ACP login details. We have developed a plugin to specifically fix this bug that will work on IPB Cloud as well. Thanks. @Matthew Hawkins @ShawnJPN
  5. If you are using IPB Cloud, you can attempt to contact Support and have them replace the file manually.
  6. That shouldn’t happen. I’ll look into it.
  7. Try to see if that’s the issue - remove yourself from the group that is restricted. It shouldn’t be that way, but just to test...
  8. Are you in a group that does not allow admins to transfer personnel to combat units with admin privileges?
  9. @Matthew Hawkins @ShawnJPN no problem. When we pass our local tests, will be happy to use cloud hosted clients to test as well 👍🏻
  10. That actually would be great @Ashton. I think I've addressed the issue. It is a bazaar one. But essentially the .json file holding the ACP restrictions appears to get corrupted through the installation routine. I'd like to test a fresh install and an upgrade if possible.
  11. @Matthew Hawkins, check your Support Request. I sent you an update. I think I have identified the issue. I need a client who is experiencing this issue to contact me so I can validate the bug as I am having difficult replicating it. Preferably a client who does not use IPB Cloud but uses self-hosted...
  12. And using Pages is probably the better option in this case. It is designed for this exact workflow.
  13. TIS/TIG determination is not based on a task - just a simple computation of dates. Current date, last promotion date and enlistment date.
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