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  1. @J.Drake, just built the feature in. Funny note, apparently there was no logic connected to that setting even to begin with. Must have totally gotten side tracked and forgot to code it in. Ha! Anyways, it's fully implemented now.
  2. @Ashton, found a bug that if a soldier is set to both the discharged status and the discharged combat unit, then they would not be excluded. Fixed the issue. In the mean time, if you want to unset one of the discharge options, either status or combat unit, then the soldiers will not be present in the dropdown list. When you upgrade, you can set it back.
  3. @D. Dryer, while this hasn’t been built in yet, you may customize the HTML templates and add images into any template you wish!
  4. @Ashton, PERSCOM does currently support this. If the soldier is set to a particular status or in a combat unit that is defined in the Discharges settings under Personnel, they will be excluded from the drop down list.
  5. https://www.deschutesdesigngroup.com/perscom-officially-released-to-invision-power-board-marketplace/
  6. @Benality[3SFG], you're correct, there is not automated actions associated with a PAR yet. You would have to manually set the status of the soldier after approving the request. We are in the process of implanting PAR actions in which you will be able to attach an action to events such as "On submit...do this....", On approval...do that...." etc. This will be in a future release though.
  7. Do Personnel Action Requests not suffice for you in this use case?
  8. @Benality[3SFG], we are actively developing a standalone product that will function similarly to PERSCOM, but with a lot more features. The product will be enterprise quality and be beneficial and useable by a much larger community than PERSCOM currently has (which is large already). We’re excited about the product and hopefully will have an alpha release available soon.
  9. @Gumby, did the CSS edits we provided work for you?
  10. As @ClanHBS stated, yes, this is linked to the magic clone method in PHP and IPB's method for copying active records. I've brought it up before but appears it still may be an issue.
  11. Hi @George Kincaid, did you submit a support ticket on this issue? If so, please check for a response. Thanks!
  12. Yes, PERSCOM works on 4.5. We have several customers running PERSCOM on IPB 4.5.
  13. @J.Drake, no shouldn’t be too hard at all!
  14. @Benality[3SFG], yes, with every service we provide, if you have purchased a domain elsewhere, you can simply update the nameservers to your hosting plan you have with us.
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