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  1. Oh whoops- not at this time. I’ll add it to the list!
  2. @Shadow Wing you can either set it as the soldiers uniform or add a custom upload personnel file field.
  3. We’ll have to look into your specific use case as we cannot reproduce it!
  4. @Ignacio Pablo Duro Awesome - we’ll get that set up for you as soon as possible.
  5. We've released our next version of PERSCOM addressing a few bugs, but more importantly, the bug that caused some members to be removed from their secondary groups when being promoted/demoted/assigned. We've also addressed a few more bugs as well as added a new feature to the Personnel Action Request system. Check out the changelog below and download the update to get access to the new features! CHANGELOG: ### Added - Add the ability to select multiple groups to notify on PAR submission/approval/denial. ### Fixed - Fixed a bug where personnel were removed from their form secondary groups when being promoted, demoted or assigned a combat/administrative unit. - Fixed an issue with license reporting in regards to the server IP address. - Fixed a display bug where a rank icons were not displaying properly on mobile devices. - Updated some license key logic and reduced redundancy. MANAGE YOUR LICENSE: https://solutions.deschutesdesigngroup.com/clientarea.php?action=products&module=licensing
  6. Absolutely. We purchase a license on your behalf. Once we purchase it and set your package up, we can transfer the license to you which will allow you to purchase official marketplace applications.
  7. Absolutely. I am out of the state right now but will have it released this week.
  8. @Ignacio Pablo Duro, the bug has been found and addressed. Will be fixed with the next release!
  9. @Ignacio Pablo Duro I’ll look into this. Thanks for bringing it up.
  10. Jon Erickson

    Kelly Day 1

    This is a test.
  11. Got your support ticket. Make sure to update your PERSCOM installation to > 1.3.2 before you use the new license key and contact us if you have an IPB Cloud account so we can do the upgrade for you!
  12. As @Ashton, we have moved our products over to a new platform. You can read more about it below. You should have also received an email about it. Once you create an account over there, submit a support ticket and we'll get your license transferred.
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