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  1. As @Ashton, we have moved our products over to a new platform. You can read more about it below. You should have also received an email about it. Once you create an account over there, submit a support ticket and we'll get your license transferred.
  2. Interesting. I’ll look into it!
  3. Version 1.3.2 of our PERSCOM Soldier Management System has been released! It addresses and fixes the frequent "flag missing" bug that many of our customers have reported. Second, it allows the software to authenticate with our new licensing software. IMPORTANT: If you would like to upgrade your copy of PERSCOM, you WILL need to create a new account on our solutions platform available at https://solutions.deschutesdesigngroup.com. You can simply click "My Account" in the menu and create a new account. Once you have done that, please reply to this thread or send us a support ticket and we will issue your new license through our new system. You will use this new system for your future billing/downloads/profile access. If you choose not to do so, your old license will continue to work until we reach the End Of Life (EOL) which is May 1st, 2020. After the date, you WILL need to have a new account. We will also be releasing our Single Sign On software that will allow you to use the same account on both websites. Please reply if you have any questions.
  4. You'll wanna update the applications/form template.
  5. The nice thing about the template editor is that it features a button that will revert the template back to original if anything is to get messed up!
  6. At this time, there is not way to format the enlistment application per your document unless you manually edit the HTML files through the ACP. We provide the way for you to customize the questions asked, and you can choose how those are displayed if you are willing to edit the HTML files.
  7. It will not be included within the next update, but you can expect it after that.
  8. @ClanHBS, we can definitely implement a feature like this as is will be fairly effortless.
  9. @Pete V, there is no specific setting for that. You will have to customize the HTML to change the text color. Unfortunately we have to pick one color for each element of our application but understand that it will not match each theme that our customers use. Thats the benefit of using IPB is the built in theme editor that allows you to customize the templates to meet your specific theme needs.
  10. Glad you were able to figure it out 👍🏻
  11. Hi Ryan, PERSCOM is not standalone - it requires Invision Power Board at invisioncommunity.com to run. Our subscription plan starts at $10 a month. We also offer several hosting packages that will beat all prices around. Thanks for the question and inquiry!
  12. Yes, it is suppose to do that. You can check on the right side what the assigned uaergroups should be based on the unit assignments.
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