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  1. Last week
  2. That’s correct - we will support IPB 4.5. I’m not sure on the timeline but it is a priority.
  3. @Jon Erickson I know IPB 4.5 is currently in Beta, just want to confirm you have plans to make PERSCOM compatible at some point after the release of 4.5? Cheers
  4. Yeah im aware of that.. Im the only person with access to change the Rank order so ill just edit the DB directly if i need to change it 🙂
  5. We've got it in the works, it will be merged into the master branch soon. We've been addressing some important fixes/features in the mean time and have been working on this on the side.
  6. @Ashton, just be aware, if you adjust the order through the ACP GUI, your custom order ID's will all reset to default 🤦‍♂️
  7. Earlier
  8. I certainly like the idea of having it list like the awards / Ranks ect.. I think that would be a good edition
  9. Bump any news when we may see this option included?
  10. Yeah when I said the Rank_id column and I actually meant the order column (had been a long day when I posted that!) so I made the sort order become sequential across the categories as a way around.. seems to be working fine. Like I said, however, this was just a special case kind of thing to see if I could get it to work the way we required 🙂
  11. Hey @Ashton, the ranks are not sorted based off their ID, but rather on the 'order' column. For example, a rank can have an order of '1' in one category, and an order of '1' in another category which makes it difficult to differentiate between categories. This is the default behavior of IPB.
  12. @Jon Erickson so I managed to get around it manually by changing the rank ids to be sequential on the database table. This seems to have fixed the issues, i guess ours was more of a special case. It seems manually assigning the id's to be sequential across the categories also still allowed to promotion system etc to work as normal. I guess what we needed was sorting across all categories.. however, manually doing it wasnt an issue and we rarely change our rank structure so I will just manually change them if ever needed. Thanks anyway dude!
  13. @Ashton, it appears everything is working correctly. Ranks only sort against other ranks in the same category. There’s no way for them to be able to tell their sorting against another rank in another category. They are essentially in their own environment.
  14. Hello, Decided today to do some reorganisation of our ranks, and ive come across an issue. So before today we had one Rank Group with every rank in the correct order for promotions etc. However, we noticed that the next rank in promotion was not showing correctly for our Air Ranks and Specialist ranks, so as a way around I have separated these into separate groups. In effect I have the following in the AdminCP Order. 1 - All infantry ranks 2 - Aviation Ranks 3 - Specialist Ranks 4 - Other The problem we have is that on the personnel roster is that the ranks do not seem to follow the order that it is listed in the AdminCP, for instance an SPC7 is showing above a 1LT. With the 1LT Been the top of the list in 'All Infantry Ranks' and SPC7 Been 3rd in the list in the Specialist category. I looked in the database and saw that the Ranks Order is not sequential and seems to reset the number for each category so we have 4 ranks with the order id of 1. Is there anyway of having this so you can manually set which rank should be highest on the Personnel Files roster? Or alternatively is there a way for us to manually set the rank order ID? Thanks
  15. Hi Colton, at this time there is no “front end” qualification list such as awards. If there is much interest, we can consider adding it!
  16. So I had my cloud version of PERSCOM updated on my website, which in turn added qualifications. I'm curious as how to add them to the PERSCOM menu on my website along with Personnel Files/Ranks/Awards/Documents/Operations Center. If there is any way to do this I could really use some guidance. Much Thanks
  17. @J.Drake Posted to the Beta club. Please test at your earliest convenience!
  18. Awesome! We'll be on standby to install it as soon as possible. Thanks for the work 🙂
  19. As for what you saw in the promotions - it is triggering the save user object as I mentioned above and messing the uaergroups. I believe the promotion/demotion/assignment functions are working as intended.
  20. I think here the uniform upload has nothing to do with the bug you are experiencing but rather when the users object is updated and a database transaction is executed, it triggers the update user group function. Essentially whenever a save() is called on the soldier, there uaergroups are all set based on their rank, combat unit and administrative unit. So for you, you were just noticing it when uploading the uniform. I think I may have found the issue in the administrative units. Please actively test when I release the beta. I want to make sure its right before releasing. Thanks!
  21. Can you outline your exact keystroke flow that triggers this error?
  22. @J.Drake, we have it already fixed. You can anticipate release tomorrow, latest Thursday.
  23. Hello, The release notes from 1.3.5 mention that reporting in through the notification was fixed: - Fixed a bug when trying to report in from a notification and not properly updating the soldiers last report in date. However, we are still experiencing those issues. Is there something that we need to change?
  24. Hello @Jon Erickson, Any update/ETA on this hotfix? It's quite crippling as we can no longer approve/deny certain requests because we need to know the reason. I can temporarily provide that information by looking in the database but this causes a lot of overhead for us. If you still need some time we'd need to implement a temporary solution using our custom API module, but it'd be pointless if the hotfix is going live this week.
  25. I would rather stay away from managing primary groups as it presents much more risk in error on the backend side - such as removing administrators and causing lockups. Secondary groups is easier to manage. As for selecting multiple secondary groups, I don't see an issue with this. I will work on getting it incorporated.
  26. We have some medals linked to secondary groups to show them on their profile. I had one of our members test and he reported the following reproducible case surrounding uniform uploads: 1. uploaded uniform to soldiers P-File. 2. checked soldiers P-File and award was removed (secondary groups were reset). 3. reassigned secondary groups and completed step 1 and 2 again. Same issue.
  27. Ashton


    2 quick questions. 1) Whats the reasoning for not been able to manage primary groups through PERSCOM? We have 2 main primary groups which soldiers fall into and also a new group for applicants but because it only adds to the secondary group it doesnt really link into the other apps for us where it assigns Teamspeak Groups, Discord Groups and a couple of other things.. understand that isnt your problem, just curious as to why we can only manage secondary groups? 2) Seen as though we can only manage secondary groups is it possible to add a function to be able to select a combination of groups instead of just one for Admin units and Combat units? Cheers P.S Just noticed I posted this in the wrong Category. My bad!😑
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