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  3. Sorry if this has already been suggested or already planned, but it would be nice to see this feature expanded to work similar to the enlistment applications to allow comments, updating of the request, and withdrawing of the request.
  4. Thanks for this suggestion; I am still learning how this platform works so I will look into that! The reason we want to have to accept reporting in as we only want people who are actually active in operations to be reporting in. I don't see much use to it if someone who hasn't come to an operation in 3 months can report in. Thanks for that, I was! Another easy solution.
  5. @Leighton Thompson, are you referring to the awards menu item? If thats the case, you can just delete it from your menu manager. We don't have an "Awards tab" on a personnel file.
  6. Correct, all text strings are modifiable via their language strings. This is how @Ignacio Pablo Duro has translated his entire site. You can change any language string to match your target.
  7. You would add this within the theme editor to the custom.css file. Its under Customization -> Themes -> Edit HTML and CSS -> CSS Tab and search for custom.
  8. Hey dude! In terms of the 'American Centric Headings' you could technically modify the language strings within the admincp of your site for things you want to change, that would be a workaround. Thanks
  9. Hey! Nice suggestions! I think calendar and combat record integration is already on the roadmap. However, I've have a question regadring "Reporting In" suggestion. Why do you think is important to be able to accept them?
  10. Sorry for my complete lack of knowledge in CSS but where would I put this in the template/CSS code to get this to work?
  11. Kia ora, My community have been loving using this software over the past few Months although there are a few changes we would love to see. American Centric Headings While we understand that 99% of the units using this software are likely American, it would be great to be able to customise things like MOS (We don't have anything like this), "Officer in Charge/NCO in Charge" (We call them something entirely different), and Operations Center (We'd Spell it Operations Centre). Reporting In It would be great for reporting in to require acceptance, almost like a personal action. Combat Records It would be awesome if we could link combat records to the Calendar in Invision so that those who attended operations automatically get a combat recorded added. Without this, our unit finds the combat records feature too much work to implement; we'd be interested to hear what other units do for this though. Latest Activity It would be great if these records linked to the person they were applied to. Hiding Tabs We'd love to be able to hide the awards tab, as we still want to give awards to soldiers although don't want people to view them in PERSCOM. We use another Plugin to show awards on the forum so don't want it displayed twice. Discharge Notes It would be great if we could add discharge notes to a discharge that can only be seen internally like a note on someones record. Thank you for all your work on this so far! Ngā mihi nui, Leighton
  12. I guess you can disregard, I can't reproduce the error if I basically edit the image the same time I create the rank. However, if I have the rank setup first and add the image later is when things get weird.
  13. What do you mean by bugs the rank? Not experiencing on our end.
  14. Currently when I go to add in our rank images it bugs the rank and it will not longer show in the list of ranks. Curious if I am just missing something obvious or it is an actual bug
  15. @Luke Hickton, unfortunately, not at this time. You could create your own column within the table to store this data and write a plugin to use that data for the award citation.
  16. Hi Jon, I was wondering if the above is possible? I will be importing our medals in directly into the database and will make a new column in the database so we don't lose previous citations if this is possible, named service_records_citation. It would be unfeasible for us to utilise the documents system for what we do, as it would strip out the uniformed look and we would be required to write 3000 documents for our previous medals alone that we are copying over. I dread to think what that would look like when trying to select a document. Thanks Luke
  17. As @v.roberts stated, you can link an application custom field to a personnel file custom field and that way the data is carried over to the personnel file however you'd prefer.
  18. @Daedious, it looks like maybe the table is flowing off the right hand of your screen because of the several form fields. I'll have to truncate that field to prevent that in the future but in the mean time, remove all the fields from the form and re-save and the buttons should re-appear on the screen.
  19. Yes. The hash marks next to the question in the Application Custom Fields section is how you reorder them, click and drag. As for your second question, I don't know if I understand. When a user makes an application that information carries with the soldier when processed.
  20. I'm probably staring it in the face, but just familiarizing myself with PERSCOM. Is there a way to reorder the enlistment application questions? Also, while I'm on the subject of application is there a way to import applications into soldiers or is that a job my admin section will have to do?
  21. @Daedious, thank you for that tip, I had no idea to look at table settings. @Jon Erickson, I know the issue you're talking about and have set the ascending/descending order correctly. As for the dashboard widget, I'm not seeing an option to add that. I have the others: Inactive Personnel, Recent Applications, Admin Notes, etc.. Thank you both for your timely response.
  22. @Jon Erickson Ive done a lot of research trying to find a better solution and this is all I have found, so its what I though he was referring to. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9089-learn-plus-lms-learning-management-system/
  23. I am super admin and I double checked I have permissions. I dont see it here:
  24. @Daedious @Ignacio Pablo Duro, which module are you guys referring to? Unfortunately, no time frame at the moment. As we continue to improve on the current features, we are slowly building out the LMS system, but it will take awhile.
  25. @v.roberts, there is also a dashboard widget that displays eligible personnel. As far as promotion points go, make sure PERSCOM is understanding which rank is next, for example, within rank settings you can set the order of which rank is next, based on how you've ordered them when you added them (Ascending vs Descending) if its backwards, PERSCOM will always display someone as not eligible because you can't go back in ranks.
  26. @Daedious, there is a delete button on the right side when viewing the list of PAR forms. You may have to click the drop down menu to view it, also check your permission settings to make sure you have access to the delete button.
  27. Hey man. To answer your first question. That I do not know. I know that the promotion point system is being improvedat the moment but there isnt a lot of automated capability at the moment. Its mostly needing to be inputted manually to achieve that goal, to my knowledge (not an expert). However, your second question I CAN answer fully. To be able to see promotion eligibility. Go to Soldiers and click on Table settings in the upper left hand corner: Then select the tables you want to see. This is how mine is set up: Of course eligibility is based on how you set it up in your settings. Mine is all TiG at the moment + manual review of other requirements.
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