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  1. Last week
  2. Glad to hear. Kinda comical how they have refused to fix this bug before there next major release. No hot fix or anything. Seems like an important bug to fix in my opinion.
  3. Hi Jon, is there a way to remove the email part on the application forum post? We are getting some people that are saying they dont want their email public so would be helpful if we had the ability to remove that. Thanks
  4. Hi Jon, Another idea which would be helpful is some way of personnel been able to sign upto events or missions and been able to select a role which is defined when the mission is added into PERSCOM? Way I see it working is, an administrator add's a mission, the personnel then see this on the frontend and can select a role they want to be for that mission. Would be great if we could record attendance and that auto create combat records with specified promo points. Also the ability to attach forum posts to that mission that is displayed on the front end? I.e we use WARNOS and OpOrds so
  5. Earlier
  6. Bit the bullet this week and dropped a few hundred dollars to buy an Invision license. IPB staff were able to provide me a full SQL backup of the website, so I was able to restore all website and PERSCOM data on a self-hosted cloud server. Wasn't super easy, wouldn't recommend if you're not a technical person, but it's possible.
  7. I just transferred PERSCOM from my cloud-hosted server to a self-hosted one. PERSCOM update posted today, but when I go to the marketplace and select "install", it tells me PERSCOM is already installed - but I definitely don't have the most recent version. How do I update PERSCOM without uninstalling the previous version and losing my data?
  8. @Ashton, check the service records settings. You can ignore status'/units there for their TIS service records. As for the supervisors, we are working on an organizational chart that will display your organization in the view of an org chart so you can see who all is under who.
  9. Hi Jon, To ideas have just come to mind while doing a cleanup of our PERSCOM. Ability to view how many personnel are linked to a Supervisor, maybe a box in their personnel file or in the admincp to show how many personnel they have under their command. Or even a list of who is under their command? Ability to exclude combat units from the 'Time in service: x months' service records. We have a discharged combat unit which we store old personnel files in, however, they seem still get these service records added. The combat unit is excluded in the activity tracker, not sure if that
  10. Funny - was released a month ago. I’m not sure why the date shows today. I did a update check as well and nothing is showing new for download. Looks like just a mess up on their documentation. They are getting ready to release 4.6 which will be a large release hence the time it is taking.
  11. @Jon Erickson So IPB have released their newest update of bugs and is still not working, should we ourselves use the support tool to contact them to look into it? Thanks in advance mate!
  12. Hi @Royal Harper, the images are only used when you display the personnel files in categories versus a list. This is a setting you can change.
  13. Hi everyone! So when you are creating a new unit or have a current unit we can obviously add the name, callsign, motto and a unit logo. As it states "upload an image for the unit that will be displayed when viewing their unit page". But where and how do we see the unit page as I cannot find where to view it? Thank you in advance!
  14. Thanks for the recommendations. I really like the recommendation to attach multiple personnel files to a member. As for the language strings, you can customize them to how you mentioned in your post. You will use the “translate” function that’s built into IPB under the languages section. You can then search for the strings you want to change and make the modification there.
  15. Honestly just the option to create multiple accounts would settle this. Everything else I can customize enough to my liking. Also it being implemented with IPS there really isn't a need for an email or email notifications.
  16. Hey, I just want to say this App has so much potential for a larger scale of community usage it's scary. If you were able to alter a few things, this would be a significant player in the many communities. First, this would be an Ideal Character Management solution. The issues right now that I have seen that it doesn't allow me to proceed with Character Management are as follows. You are not able to create multiple accounts(characters) Having the option to apply as many times as you want would settle this issue. Have an Option to customize the application d
  17. Very nice and amazing work! That definitely gives the custom fields a great feature!
  18. Yes and yes! @Benality[3SFG]
  19. Oh that is fricken awesome!!! Thanks so, so much! Will that be in the next update? Would it also be possible to allow Table Columns on Custom Fields as well?
  20. Added the ability to search for soldiers using your custom fields now!
  21. @Jon Erickson Sorry that was my profile page in Admin CP. We have recently turned off the forum intergration to change names as it was causing more issues, now inside PERSCOM roster/solider profiles we are seeing the duplicate Rank again. Sorry for delay in response time
  22. Nate, I am not sure what you are referencing in the attached image. Can you please add some context? Thanks!
  23. No - nothing is ever hard coded. Does Ingrams last name contain CW3?
  24. @Jon Erickson we set it to 366 days and now it does show 1 year in the entry. So it is probably just a slight offset causing it.
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