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  1. Last week
  2. I am not at the moment. Currently doing some planning and research on what would be the best solution for some automations that we are looking at. Discord bots to pull Record data, ability to whitelist on our Servers from SteamID etc.
  3. @Benality[3SFG] are you currently utilizing the PERSCOM API?
  4. Yes, that would be very nice if that was an option for the Table Settings in the soldier view! Was also hoping that the Custom Fields are something that could be leveraged via an API integration. Looking to make some automations based around some of those fields. My use case ( not sure if this helps) is that we have multiple Areas of Operations (Games). So if we had a Custom Field that allows me to sort by that AO then that would be really helpful. Also, a Filtered View would also be really cool!
  5. I’ll look into this - could be a simple thing as the seconds of the record are off which causes it to show 11 months instead of 12.
  6. @Benality[3SFG], are you saying you’d like the ability to sort the table based on a custom field you have for a personnel file?
  7. Earlier
  8. We set up automated Time In Service messages for people's 1 year anniversaries. However currently it constantly shows "11 months" in the user's service records instead of 12 months or 1 year or 365 days. Did we wrongly configure it for our requirements or is this a bug?
  9. Maybe I am missing something.. But there doesn't seem a way to leverage the custom fields within the soldier record. I would like to be able to sort soldier record table by custom field attributes for one. We do collect SteamID as a custom field as well.. Would be nice to be able to leverage this in a way that I could use for some automation. Are these surfaced in an API somewhere as a JSON array?
  10. IPB support has no access to the the website files for Cloud apparently - it's entirely unmanaged and they have no way to access it. Just got shot down by their support team. Will contact via ticket to pursue the plugin fix.
  11. To everyone affected by this IPB bug, please submit a support ticket, or reply if you have a current ticket open with your ACP login details. We have developed a plugin to specifically fix this bug that will work on IPB Cloud as well. Thanks. @Matthew Hawkins @ShawnJPN
  12. If you are using IPB Cloud, you can attempt to contact Support and have them replace the file manually.
  13. Is it possible to install the JSON file manually? Just trying to find some way to do it while waiting on this to get fixed. Have had to do everything on google sheets and then transcribe to PERSCOM for the past month, since can't have the recruiters on the system themselves.
  14. That shouldn’t happen. I’ll look into it.
  15. So weirdly enough I have just tried this again without changing anything and it now works.. I have a feeling one of our custom integration plugins was messing things up. I have noticed that when you re-assign someone any of their secondary groups are removed and just one group is added for that combat unit. Is there a way this can be changed so that it just updates the groups and add's the combat unit group without changing the rest of the secondary groups?
  16. Try to see if that’s the issue - remove yourself from the group that is restricted. It shouldn’t be that way, but just to test...
  17. Yeah I am, even though i'm a full unrestricted admin... I thought that the highest permission takes priority? Or is that not the case?
  18. Are you in a group that does not allow admins to transfer personnel to combat units with admin privileges?
  19. Hi Jon, I am trying to move some people around, however, for some reason keep getting this error no matter where I transfer them too.. I have unrestricted full admin so can't see why its giving this error.. Its the same in both assignment records tab and when you create an assignment record on the personnel page. Thanks
  20. @Jon Erickson Apologies for the delay. Test environment is up, running version 4.4.10 with PERSCOM uninstalled and related tables purged from the database. I'll open a ticket with the link and admin details. Thanks
  21. @Jon Erickson Do you have an older .tar version of PERSCOM you can send me? Or shall I remove PERSCOM from the test enviro all together and let you reinstall it and upgrade etc?
  22. @Matthew Hawkins @ShawnJPN no problem. When we pass our local tests, will be happy to use cloud hosted clients to test as well 👍🏻
  23. That actually would be great @Ashton. I think I've addressed the issue. It is a bazaar one. But essentially the .json file holding the ACP restrictions appears to get corrupted through the installation routine. I'd like to test a fresh install and an upgrade if possible.
  24. If needed Jon I can spin up the test enviro we used a while back, we are experiencing the issue aswell so I can re mirror the site to the test enviro so you can have a look at that?
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