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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'm attempting to create a uniform but it's being automatically resized when uploaded. So there a way to force it to accept the jpg size and not change it?
  3. Last week
  4. Hi Ryan, PERSCOM is not standalone - it requires Invision Power Board at invisioncommunity.com to run. Our subscription plan starts at $10 a month. We also offer several hosting packages that will beat all prices around. Thanks for the question and inquiry!
  5. Hi im very interested in this PERSCOM what do i need to use this tool and how do i install it its free right?
  6. Earlier
  7. Yes, it is suppose to do that. You can check on the right side what the assigned uaergroups should be based on the unit assignments.
  8. Hey everyone! When assinging a soldier to a new combat unit, Is PERSCOM supposed to delete previous user group and then add the new one? If yes, at least at my end is not happening. If not, I think it should do it What do you think?
  9. Recently I noticed wrong dates on service records and came to the conclusion that when our European/Oceania members submit a service record it pulls from the timezone set on there pc. Is there a way to have it go off of the timezone set on there perscom profile?
  10. Fantastic idea however let’s try and figure out a way to make it more universal. I don’t want PERSCOM to be that specific. I have several customers that don’t even use PERSCOM for a game. Thanks!
  11. Random idea just popped in my head after doing the weekly repo update. So currently, we have a spreadsheet with the mods we use and version's etc, we have a few repos for different types of era's we do in the unit. So here's the idea. Within PERSCOM, a way to manage our repo set we currently use ArmA3Sync so i'm basing it around that but could be universal I guess? , i.e an AdminCP backend in which we add the mods, I.E Mod name, Repo it resides in, Version and link to the mod. A frontend a bit like the personnel files i guess in which members can see which mods are in which repo and what version etc. Also a status of the mod - i.e live, testing, removed. Potentially also a page for the repo details, link, password etc. When we update the mod sets it should push either a thread to the forum or notification to members in PERSCOM with the latest version updates etc. We should also be able to specify the size of the update during the notification push. I think this would work for quite a few units? Thoughts?
  12. We’re slowly working on a learning/calendar management system that will integrate with PERSCOM and address this feature.
  13. An Attendance Tracker feature would be great. It would replace the need for google sheets and consolidate it all into PERSCOM. It would break it down by element or unit so you can see what percent of players are absent. A nice simple checkbox for the S1 Staff in PERSCOM to check off all the attending players. Maybe have it auto-update the combat or service record too with an entry to save work. This would be a great tool for unit administration, you could tie it into promotions as well.
  14. --Can be closed I found my mistake.
  15. @Jon Erickson Seems the latest update has broke to combat positions ordering on the Personnel Files. No matter how you organise the positions it doesn't seem to effect how they display on the personnel files. Thanks
  16. No, that's strange. Go ahead and submit a support ticket with ACP credentials as well as access to your MySQL database so we can take a look at what's going on here.
  17. @Jon Erickson Negative Sir...just tried to upload a new version from the applications page. I selected the 1.3.1 .tar file and during update received that error. Should I be initiating the update from another location?
  18. By that error, looks like it’s trying to insert a DB table - but it’s already present. That would only happen in a new install, not an update and is not related to PERSCOM itself. Did you guys uninstall then try and reinstall?
  19. @Jon Erickson Getting an error on install....any idea?
  20. Dont worry dude its hard for us UK guys to get used the US standards and spellings 😂
  21. Huge mistake from me, using the English UK centre not center woops. Thanks Ashton!
  22. @Ryan Netley Wrap the whole thing.. <center> Content </center> Thats how we have achieved it.
  23. @Ignacio Pablo Duro We have the same issue where files are deleted after discharge. However, we have done a workaround of creating a discharged combat unit that is hidden and a discharged status that is not displayed anywhere. When we discharge them we keep the box ticked to keep their file but select their status and combat unit as discharged. This is the only way around it i have found. @Jon Erickson back in perscom v1 days when you discharged someone it would remove them from everything but keep their file, i believe it just linked their forum id with a perscom id but removed them from been visible on everything. Is this possible to reimplement?
  24. @Arthur Cantu Might I ask how you centre the text on your Promotion Warrant? I have this so far, and when I add <centre> nothing happens at all. <p> {promotion_rank_image}<br> {promotion_rank} {soldier_name} </p> <p> {soldier_combat_unit} </p> <p> To all who shall see these presents, greeting: </p> <p> Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of {soldier_name}, I do appoint this member a&nbsp;{promotion_rank}&nbsp;in the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion. To rank as such from the {promotion_date}. </p> <p> This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and direction as may be given from time to time by superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of the 4th Combat Engineer<br> Battalion.<br> <br> Given under my hand at Headquarters Company, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, in the year of our Lord. Two Thousand and Nineteen. </p> <p> Signed, R. Netley, Second Lieutenant, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion Alpha Platoon Leader. </p>
  25. yes, I understand the complexity. Thanks for your answer By definition, we do not delete any personnel file after discharge. We are interested in keeping a file of all our former members. This comes into direct conflict with the current PERSCOM approach. Probably we are not the only unit with this problem. Is there any other member of PERSCOM community who's facing the same situation? any ideas or workaround that could be implemented to solve this problem?
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