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  3. Hi @George Kincaid, did you submit a support ticket on this issue? If so, please check for a response. Thanks!
  4. Similar to this post from a while back https://community.deschutesdesigngroup.com/topic/37-forum-integration/ im having the exact opposite issue where you can see the pictures everywhere except on the post them selves https://gyazo.com/8f30fffff5b38064d44e4cb8c4d846ce https://gyazo.com/8e031720f6014bfba453a471959ebb0e Anyone know any fixes to this issue
  5. It seems the PERSCOM: Personnel Geographical Spread widget on the AdminCP is broken.. no longer seems to be working at all, no map is showing. Not sure if this is just me or not, seems to have happened after the latest PERSCOM update. IPB v4.4.10. Thanks
  6. Yes, PERSCOM works on 4.5. We have several customers running PERSCOM on IPB 4.5.
  7. Has anyone been able to test/confirm PERSCOM's compatibility with 4.5? The 4.5 update appears to be mostly visual.
  8. @J.Drake, no shouldn’t be too hard at all!
  9. Currently it is only possible to select 1 status for re-enlistment. We would like to have multiple statuses be able to re-enlist. I don't think it'd be a huge change?
  10. I am trying to format the date time on the personnel page. {datetime="$soldier->enlistment_date" dateonly="YES"} I tried to modify that to {datetime="$soldier->enlistment_date->format('d F, Y')"} Which does, in fact change the date, but it changes it to some random date that is not accurate. Like Dec 31, 1969 or something. I would like the enlistment date to be displayed as 00 - Month - Year.
  11. @Benality[3SFG], yes, with every service we provide, if you have purchased a domain elsewhere, you can simply update the nameservers to your hosting plan you have with us.
  12. Is it possible to simply point domain to the correct nameservers? Or is it required to transfer the domain?
  13. @Jon Erickson can this be explained a bit more in detail? can u explain how to obtain the id and an example of the code
  14. Hi! Hi! quick question. why doesn't MOS appear as a default field to add as a column in the personnel roster? I had to add it as a custom field in order to show it. I think this could be a very easy and helpfull improvement
  15. That's because an ACP restriction was set wrong. It's been fixed. Oops.
  16. Hi Jon, So I have been racking my head the past few days over the PAR sidebar, basically if you are a full 'Unrestricted' Administrator you can see it.. If you are a 'Restricted' Administrator but still have full permissions over everything including PERSCOM you can no longer see the sidebar. I have deleted and recreated groups, assigned full access to PERSCOM etc, however, still cannot see the PAR sidebar unless they are a full 'Unrestricted' Admin, the second you change it to a 'Restricted' Admin but keep them with full permissions on everything the sidebar disappears. I have also
  17. @J.Drake agreed. They are still a fairly small company. I think they really only have a hand full of developers behind the wheel and I believe they are responsible for the documentation - and we all know what happens when the developer is responsible for the documentation...my best advice is to find similar functionality in the software and read the source code. I’ve learned 5x as much as just looking at how they accomplished some tasks.
  18. @Jon Erickson a mix of databases, pages, and our custom third infantry division application that provides a couple of API endpoints. I have only been working with invision for 2-3 months now and the documentation is so poor that I couldn't really figure out how to encapsulate it all into an application.
  19. Since LOA's are handle via a PAR in most circumstances, and are not an official feature of PERSCOM, there is no way to track these time changes. I can see it possibly being integrated into the Activity Tracker in which you can assign status/units as flags to keep track and then when a soldier is assign/or changed status, this change is tracked in separate database table that can be used to subtract from overall TIG. Etc... But then again, this would be difficult for TIG, since TIG changes when a promotion/demotion happens. Can anybody else talk through a better possible solution?
  20. @J.Drake, did you accomplish this through Pages or a custom application?
  21. awesome! We also have looking for something like that to track our member's attendance
  22. Really like the look of that! We have been looking and developing something similar to that
  23. @Jon Erickson we would also love to see a TIG freeze for configurable combat units or statuses. IE if a soldier is assigned LOA/AWOL or other configurable status, OR a certain combat unit (like in the activity tracker) the TIG calculation is frozen.
  24. At the third infantry division we implemented our own attendance tracker integrated into after action reports. You can create Operations, then link Missions (WARNORD/OPORD) to an operation, and leadership is required to write an AAR. An AAR includes the attendance. Then an attendance sheet can be created to inspect unit-wide attendance. Our next step is to integrate automated messages to the soldier's supervisor when minimum requirements aren't met. Took a little bit to set up but PERSCOM already has all the REST API endpoints to have something like this, you just need to
  25. That’s correct - we will support IPB 4.5. I’m not sure on the timeline but it is a priority.
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