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  1. Today
  2. Awesome! We'll be on standby to install it as soon as possible. Thanks for the work 🙂
  3. As for what you saw in the promotions - it is triggering the save user object as I mentioned above and messing the uaergroups. I believe the promotion/demotion/assignment functions are working as intended.
  4. I think here the uniform upload has nothing to do with the bug you are experiencing but rather when the users object is updated and a database transaction is executed, it triggers the update user group function. Essentially whenever a save() is called on the soldier, there uaergroups are all set based on their rank, combat unit and administrative unit. So for you, you were just noticing it when uploading the uniform. I think I may have found the issue in the administrative units. Please actively test when I release the beta. I want to make sure its right before releasing. Thanks!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Can you outline your exact keystroke flow that triggers this error?
  7. @J.Drake, we have it already fixed. You can anticipate release tomorrow, latest Thursday.
  8. Hello, The release notes from 1.3.5 mention that reporting in through the notification was fixed: - Fixed a bug when trying to report in from a notification and not properly updating the soldiers last report in date. However, we are still experiencing those issues. Is there something that we need to change?
  9. Hello @Jon Erickson, Any update/ETA on this hotfix? It's quite crippling as we can no longer approve/deny certain requests because we need to know the reason. I can temporarily provide that information by looking in the database but this causes a lot of overhead for us. If you still need some time we'd need to implement a temporary solution using our custom API module, but it'd be pointless if the hotfix is going live this week.
  10. Last week
  11. I would rather stay away from managing primary groups as it presents much more risk in error on the backend side - such as removing administrators and causing lockups. Secondary groups is easier to manage. As for selecting multiple secondary groups, I don't see an issue with this. I will work on getting it incorporated.
  12. We have some medals linked to secondary groups to show them on their profile. I had one of our members test and he reported the following reproducible case surrounding uniform uploads: 1. uploaded uniform to soldiers P-File. 2. checked soldiers P-File and award was removed (secondary groups were reset). 3. reassigned secondary groups and completed step 1 and 2 again. Same issue.
  13. Ashton


    2 quick questions. 1) Whats the reasoning for not been able to manage primary groups through PERSCOM? We have 2 main primary groups which soldiers fall into and also a new group for applicants but because it only adds to the secondary group it doesnt really link into the other apps for us where it assigns Teamspeak Groups, Discord Groups and a couple of other things.. understand that isnt your problem, just curious as to why we can only manage secondary groups? 2) Seen as though we can only manage secondary groups is it possible to add a function to be able to select a combination of groups instead of just one for Admin units and Combat units? Cheers P.S Just noticed I posted this in the wrong Category. My bad!😑
  14. So just done some testing and found the following out. 1) Promotions/Assignments creation of the records does nothing to the groups, it only takes effect when you go back into the soldiers file after you have done the assignment/promo form and click save on their profile. Its as though the Promotion and Assignment forms are not triggering the add to group function. This is only triggered when you go back into the personnel file and click save, at that point it seems to update the groups correctly. 2) Dont seem to have any issues with Admin units, tried a test user in multiple admin units and removed units and readded and all the groups were removed and added correctly. 3) Uploading a new uniform had no effect on the groups at all.. 4) Have an issue with some combat units saying I do not have permission to assign a soldier to their even though I have full permissions on everything.. any ideas?
  15. We had the same issue on 1.3.2, and now we switched to 1.3.5 and are still having similar issues. On top of promotions/assignments, when a soldier is an administrative position and you upload a new uniform, the secondary roles get wiped. We haven't done any promotions/assignments yet but I assume that this is still an issue then?
  16. @J.Drake, we've identified this issue and will be releasing a hot fix to fix it!
  17. Hello, We migrated PERSCOM from 1.3.2 to 1.3.5 this week and now we are unable to open personal action requests through both the front-end and ACP. When going through the front-end (clicking on the notification), it states "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.", when going through ACP it just gives a message "Unable to load personnel action request". It only works when opening my own requests, so I suspect something permission related? Anyone familiar with this issue and how to resolve it? Kind regards, J.Drake
  18. Earlier
  19. After a bit of a wait, we're excited to announce the release PERSCOM 1.3.5. Packed with several bug fixes and some new features, make sure to download and install this update as soon as possible. We've included our new Qualifications Module as well as Custom Name Displays. Change how your personnel are displayed throughout the site and adjust the settings to best match your preferences. Also, award your personnel unit specific qualifications and keep track of them in their personnel file! Head on over your Account to get the latest update. UPDATES: ### Added - Brand new qualification module let lets you assign and create qualification records for your personnel. - Minimum Time in Grade now displays on the ACP Rank list for easier identification. - Ranks can now be included/disregarded when calculating a soldier's promotion eligibility. - Customize how you want your personnel names to display throughout the PERSCOM system. Using interchangeable variables, create a customizable setup for your personnel. ### Changed - Awards, Ranks, Documents, and Qualifications must now exist in a Category. - PERSCOM now only uses our new licensing system. If you have an old license, please contact support to transfer immediately. - Small permission changes that allow for more granular access. ### Fixed - Fixed an erroneous error while displaying eligible soldiers for promotions. - Fixed a bug where custom personnel file fields weren't using the custom formatting value for their field. - Fixed the wrong soldier showing within the Operations Center Report In record. - Fixed an error where an assignment record is filed without setting the 'From Combat Unit' field. - Fixed a bug displaying personnel MOS statistics. - Fixed a bug when trying to report in from a notification and not properly updating the soldiers last report in date. - Fixed a bug when clicking Application Status and the application returned was not the latest application. - Fixed a bug when withdrawing an application threw an error if the forum for moving applications was not set. - Fixed a bug where errors were formatted improperly.
  20. @Ashton, this will be in the next release! Stay tuned!
  21. Another idea... So we have certain qualifications for certain roles, it would be handy if a tab could be added to the soldiers personnel file with a qualifications tab, then in the admincp we can award a qualification to a member, it will have a document attached etc. Works pretty much like a combat record or service record, it would also be helpful if this could be added in a custom roster, so we have the ability to show whos qualified in what by a breakdown on the roser. Expanding on the feature, in the future, it could also work like the TIG and Ranks system, where you have to fulfil certain criteria (which someone can choose, i.e another qualification, TIG, Rank) before PERSCOM will allow you to award a qualification to the member, or similar have a training module where you can select when someone has done the training and then the qualification module will allow you to award that qual to that member. Just a thought! We have a dirty way of doing it at the moment using custom rosters and admin units but would be nice to see a feature like above! Thanks.
  22. Hi @Ryan Netley, yes you can edit any text string in PERSCOM. You will need to go into the ACP where languages are managed and edit the current language you are using. Search for the text string you’d like to modify and add your own custom translation.
  23. Hi all, I am not sure if that has been asked before because I don't quite know how to word it, are you able to edit "your application was accepted" and replace it with a custom response after accepting an Application in the ACP. If so how? Thank you, Ryan Netley
  24. This can be closed - fixed my own issue, was something to do with the text not formatting correctly.
  25. Any idea what could be causing the issue below? The images are all the same size, the only difference is the padding seems to be off, however, looking in the dev tools it is calling all the same CSS classes. I have not modified the PERSCOM default theme for the awards table either. https://imgur.com/a/Mj6djow As you can see 2 of the awards are slighlty off to the left, this is only happening to a few awards the rest appear correct. Thanks,
  26. I like it. We've had several requests on position/unit personnel size and love the idea. We have already decided to work on introducing the feature. Adding this widget on top will be great!
  27. @Martin Boakes, no worries. You've come to the right place. Our cloud servers are your basic web hosting servers that have the ability to scale up and down (CPU, RAM etc.) based on demand so that your website is always fast and responsive. As far as the different options for cloud hosting, you'll notice that within their description, they describe how many visitors a month you project. Use that number to determine which package will be beneficial to you. Must people can get away with the Personal Cloud. Next, you have the option of your server coming with a SSD hard drive or HDD. Obviously, this contributes directly to IOPS, with SSD's performing faster than HDDs. Lastly, PERSCOM requires a copy of Invision Power Board to run. Within our packages, we can purchase a copy on your behalf - but nonetheless, you will need a valid license key. We are working on creating a standalone version of PERSCOM which help reduce the costs of running PERSCOM and make it not dependent on another company, but this project is still a bit out. Hope this answers some of your questions.
  28. Hey there, new to all this hosting and perscom stuff. I just have a couple questions. First, how much of a difference does the different tiers of Perscom matter? Second, if I already own a domain will I be able to use that to host a website using your cloud service? How does all that work? Sorry if these questions are convoluted and not worded the best, I'm not exactly sure how to ask what I'm asking about.. haha Thanks, Martin
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