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  2. I know that clan HBS had posted a uniform template with regards to the one that he made. I was wondering if the following Uniform Template is purchased, comes with PERSCOM, or other ways of getting it. All I need to know is where to get the man in the middle and I am good, but a template like this would suffice. Cheers.
  3. I know that ClanHBS had posted a template before. Though the template in question that I am looking for is something like the 3rdINF. If you know where I can find the man in the middle or a template like this that would be appreciated. Cheers.
  4. Yes, I know the Template from the HBS is something that was already posted about. Though the Uniform template I am looking for is something like the 3rd Infantries. If you know where I can find the man in the middle or a template like this please do respond. Cheers lads.
  5. Last week
  6. @Midnight667, each roster has its own sort settings. You can adjust the sort settings by editing the individual roster you are looking at.
  7. Can't seem to figure out how people are sorted in their units at this time it seems to be sorting newest enlistees at the top of the list which makes it seem higher ranks are lower in the list can anyone tell me how to change this?
  8. Earlier
  9. Seems like a quickie. Just allow us to change more fields on the discharge screen. One that we constantly need to change now is combat position for example from fireteam member to civilian. Maybe there are more fields that could be changed too? Just a bit of a hassle to discharge someone and then still have to go into their entire p-file to change that field in particular when doing personnel updates in bulk.
  10. We are hoping real soon. We are working to support PHP 8 in this release as well so there is a lot of tedious working going on!
  11. Hey @Midnight667, our next release will make the enlistment application fully customizable. Thanks!
  12. Hey guys currently setting up Perscom for my group but one of the issues we have ran into is the enlistment centre application we do not require first and last names only a callsign or screen name is there any way to change this? Many thanks
  13. @iTzHoLT, all templates are accessible in the themes section of your ACP. The template you are looking for is soldierRow.
  14. Hi, me again, been trying to figure this out for a few days. Where do I need to go in the CSS to align the small rank image and the solider name and details? I'd like to get the name and details to be mid-center of the image. Thoughts?
  15. Okay great - I’ll update the application to make sure the from name is in quotes. Do you mind sharing your community name so I can use it as a test to make sure the update is working correctly? Thanks.
  16. Hi @Timothy Kiselev, can you confirm if you temporarily remove the comma, the emails will send?
  17. Can't seem to follow up on the ticket I submitted, so I'll post here. I think what's going on is that my site name contains a comma, and it should be quoted in the From: field but it's not. See https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?threadID=59220.
  18. Sorry, I just found the bug submission form. I'll post this issue there.
  19. I installed and configured the "AWS Simple Email Service with Bounce Management" plugin, but when I try to send a test email I see the following error in the logs: Error: Local address contains control or whitespace Stack trace: "#0 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/aws\/aws-sdk-php\/src\/WrappedHttpHandler.php(97): Aws\\WrappedHttpHandler->parseError() #1 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(204): Aws\\WrappedHttpHandler->Aws\\{closure}() #2 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(169): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise::callHandler() #3 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/RejectedPromise.php(42): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise::GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\{closure}() #4 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/TaskQueue.php(48): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\RejectedPromise::GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\{closure}() #5 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/guzzle\/src\/Handler\/CurlMultiHandler.php(158): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\TaskQueue->run() #6 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/guzzle\/src\/Handler\/CurlMultiHandler.php(183): GuzzleHttp\\Handler\\CurlMultiHandler->tick() #7 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(248): GuzzleHttp\\Handler\\CurlMultiHandler->execute() #8 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(224): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->invokeWaitFn() #9 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(269): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->waitIfPending() #10 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(226): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->invokeWaitList() #11 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(269): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->waitIfPending() #12 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(226): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->invokeWaitList() #13 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/guzzlehttp\/promises\/src\/Promise.php(62): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->waitIfPending() #14 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/aws\/aws-sdk-php\/src\/AwsClientTrait.php(58): GuzzleHttp\\Promise\\Promise->wait() #15 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/vendor\/aws\/aws-sdk-php\/src\/AwsClientTrait.php(86): Aws\\AwsClient->execute() #16 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/awsses\/sources\/Outgoing\/SES.php(42): Aws\\AwsClient->__call() #17 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/core\/modules\/admin\/settings\/email.php(189): IPS\\awsses\\Outgoing\\_SES->_send() #18 \/var\/www\/ipb\/system\/Dispatcher\/Controller.php(101): IPS\\core\\modules\\admin\\settings\\_email->manage() #19 \/var\/www\/ipb\/applications\/core\/modules\/admin\/settings\/email.php(38): IPS\\Dispatcher\\_Controller->execute() #20 \/var\/www\/ipb\/system\/Dispatcher\/Dispatcher.php(153): IPS\\core\\modules\\admin\\settings\\_email->execute() #21 \/var\/www\/ipb\/admin\/index.php(13): IPS\\_Dispatcher->run() #22 {main}" I had no issues sending test emails using normal PHP (which incidentally is using SES through postfix).
  20. I am glad to see this has been added. Please let me know if I can help with any other features.
  21. Yes, exactly. The dev folder is the “source” for the compiled application and that’s why it’s kept out of the finished build process. Unfortunately I don’t see an easier way as well. But your case is extremely rare and not everybody is trying to develop an application to work with another. Haha. As long as you are not developing the front end, you can keep the application out of IN_DEV when you’re developing - which is where most of the work happens.
  22. Ok understandable. The dev folder shouldn't contain anything "secret", it's simply what builds up all the XMLs and JSONs that are then used to load the default theme files, emails and translations in the database when you install the module or revert to the default templates. So that's why I brought up that we can get them anyway, it's just be much simpler if it could be shared so 3rd party developers can run a development IPS environment with PERSCOM installed & enabled. Now we constantly need to switch IN_DEV on to do our changes, build our app, turn IN_DEV off and then see if it worked if we're working on PERSCOM hooks for example. It's a major pain to debug. And yes, it's an IPS application, same as core, forums, pages and PERSCOM. So we can interact with everything on a deeper level and have our own controllers, templates, hooks, database schema, sources, settings,.......
  23. Yes, I am referring to the REST API. As far as the source files, unfortunately, those are kept in-house and are not public, including the dev folder. It would give a user complete access to rip of PERSCOM and copy the application. Obviously, this probably would not be an issue but we have to draw the line somewhere. Yes, PERSCOM is 4.6 compatible. IPS Dev Toolbox is not even 4.5 compatible. Are you developing a custom IPB application or completely separate from IPB? As for the licensing error, no, you will not get an error if you are just using the development license. You will just be restricted in the amount of data that can be added to the application.
  24. I assume you're talking about the REST API? Thus far we've always just edited the templates in our theme but we want to go way more in-depth, building an expansion of PERSCOM for our specific needs, working really closely with PERSCOM code. We already migrated a big chunk of our modifications to an application, but we've been holding off on those that require template modifications. So far, it's been smooth sailing with PERSCOM code and it's a lot more semantically correct, more maintainable and a lot more comfortable for a developer to work on. Our previous implementations used the REST API and hackish JavaScript implementations to achieve our goals, but as these modifications grew out of proportions we really needed a more solid foundation so we started developing our own application to fill the gaps. As far as my knowledge goes, the dev folder just holds all the files that you can find in the backend/theme area anyway. It could be extracted using something like the IPS Dev Toolbox but it seems like they're not entirely compatible with 4.6 yet as it's giving me some errors at the moment that I didn't have on 4.5 so I've had to disable that application. Getting it from the source, Deschutes, will probably be the most accurate anyway. So if you won't provide these files, we'll simply have to look at these alternative methods of extraction or manually convert what we can from the default theme. As for the licensing error. On the top of our development version (localhost) we have a banner notifying us we've got a limited PERSCOM development license and limits may apply. Which is fine, it's just for development, nobody but the developer will see that. We never entered any license and didn't copy the database. It's a completely fresh IPS install and fresh PERSCOM install. If it gives issues in 30 days, we can just repeat the process to refresh it I assume?
  25. You will receive a licensing error once the cache expires (30 days) due to the installation path and URL not matching your license. I would highly suggest using the PERSCOM API that is built into IPB to consume the data you have stored on your live site.
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