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  1. Today
  2. @Jon Erickson Also, I have noticed that with the PERSCOM application enabled, our display names are not shown above our profile pictures. Somewhere it is pulling our rank profile pictures but not pulling our names and MOS. See below: PERSCOM Application disabled: PERSCOM Application enabled:
  3. @Jon Erickson thank you. I appreciate it and your help.
  4. Yesterday
  5. @Ezaco, yes, please keep the plugin disabled. It is no longer used if you are using PERSCOM 1.3.0. As far as the double pictures go - we've noticed this in a couple other installations and are working on a fix right now. It will be fixed in the next release.
  6. @Jon Erickson is there a way to cancel my purchase? we got it to kinda work right. Didnt know they were the same thing.
  7. Ahh I see. 2.0 just stands for the second iteration of PERSCOM that works on IPB 4 where PERSCOM 1.0 was developed for IPB 3. 1.3.0 is the current latest version of PERSCOM 2.0. I guess that could be confusing! Didn’t even think about it.
  8. @Jon Erickson I have a problem currently. I am a member of the 15thMEU. We are trying to update our PERSCOM to the latest versions. Our forum integration seems to be broke. I purchased a standard License for 2.0. Is 1.3.0 the same as 2.0?
  9. @McGregor, as of PERSCOM 1.3.0, the plugin no longer exists but is integrated into the core software. If you have 1.3.0 installed, please delete the plugin. The forum integration addon can be managed in your license settings.
  10. @Brandon Dague, it looks like you were able to make this work? You must add the PERSCOM software first, then the forum integration addon!
  11. Has this plugin been updated since version 1.0.2? If so where do I find the most recent version?
  12. I can't add the PERSCOM integration tool to my cart.
  13. Upon updating both IPB and PERSCOM this weekend, I now have double profile pictures when looking at the unread content page. When I disable PERSCOM from the applications menu in the ACP it goes away. I looked for the PERSCOM forum integration plug in and it was disabled. I thought this may be the issue but when that gets enabled, the profile picture is still doubled on the unread content page and the profile picture breaks everywhere else. Forum Integration Plugin disabled and on unread content screen: Forum Integration Plugin enabled and on a topic ( profile pic works fine when integration plugin is disabled): Also, the display names are not appearing on forum topics...but I believe this is due to the new theme I am using as the display names appear just fine with other themes.
  14. Last week
  15. Hi Jon, I just did some testing and it takes the order from the Combat Unit Positions list in the AdminCP. Whichever position is the highest shows first, working it's way down. This part works fine. Even if I set the list only order by paygrade, I still get the same issues.
  16. Luke, sorting by combat position is just a alphabetical sort. Positions do not contain any inherent sorting parameters so that’s what’s probably screwing you up.
  17. Good Afternoon, I have changed the paygrades of all my ranks to follow E-0 to E-12 and O-1 to O-11, however, it seems that this doesn't work well with our roster: I have sort by Combat Position first (So the leadership is first, then listed by section), then sort by paygrade. All our ranks can be seen here: https://www.webcadets.com/perscom/ranks/ Not sure where to go from here? Thanks Luke
  18. We could make this similar to combat units and have groups optionally attached to ranks. As you move through ranks, you are put in the groups associated with the rank.
  19. Earlier
  20. In Australia, we have many different types of Private ranks depending on what you are doing. If you get transferred, it isn't really right to call it a 'promotion' so we'd love a few extra things here: If the "Paygrade" doesnt change, don't reset "Time in Grade". If the "Paygrade" doesnt change, don't record it as a "promotion" or "demotion". Maybe say something like "was made a". I can't think of a word for it...
  21. Not sure if this is a feature request, or a technical support request (if it can be done already with some magic). Our group has no use for the MOS field. We can't think about what to do with it to save ourselves as nothing like it exists in Australia. We would love to just get rid of it entirely, or at least not need to put some random BS in it as it is a mandatory field.
  22. Hi there, I assume this would be much harder to do, but I thought I'd put a request in for it anyway as it's often the one thing our staff forget to change as it is the only thing they have to leave PERSCOM for. It would be great if Usernames could be automatically updated to fit the following: Use the name set in PERSCOM Add the rank in front Add suffixes Suffixes would be useful for awards, but also when a Senior Officer retires they get (Retd.) after their name.
  23. I think that the supervisor feature could be expanded in a lot of great ways. I like this idea of having it automatic, but also having the ability to have groups as supervisors would be helpful for us. Staff Section 1 (Administrative Position) manage all our AWOL people so having it automatically notify everyone in S1, AND their Section Commander would be great.
  24. Good Afternoon, please let me know when you get fed up of my suggestions! lol Would it be possible when someone is promoted to a rank, that they are assigned a group with this? And preferably removal of groups as well? For example: We have JNCO and SNCO groups (as they control permissions on the forum), so when someone is promoted to SSgt, they are removed from the JNCO group and added to the SNCO group. The option to remove from any of the following groups would be beneficial, as sometimes we go down in rank for voluntary/punitive demotions, so an option to remove any groups (multiple choice box, to add all rank groups to) then add to one specific group for their new rank. Similar to what happens when appointed an admin position and they're added to a group, with the addition of removing any other groups from a selection. Let me know if this isn't explained well and I'll try again. Thanks
  25. Good Evening, At the moment, we have assignment records for moving combat units/positions, however when adding or removing an administrative role, there is no record of it within their profile. Is it possible to have this the same as Assignments for Combat Units? Just a select box with "add administrative position" and "remove administrative position", then a drop down to select the position (preferably multi-select) to add or remove (obviously remove list will only show current roles). This would then put a record in the Assignment Records stating "Appointed as Role Name" or "Resigned as Role Name".
  26. Is this happening on every application?
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