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    Table - Colums Dimenssions

    Ignacio Pablo Duro

    Summary: Sometimes, the roster table brakes and doesn't let the user to perform some actions

    Steps to Reproduce: Just sort the table by "position" on a 4:3 screen

    Expected Results: Table should be displayed with a horizontal scroll bar

    Actual Results: Table tries to fit on the screen and end up breaking. It doesn't fix by opening the roster on a 16:9 screen. It remains broken

    Version/Build: 1.2.1 (but I think this issue was present on 1.20 too)


    16:9 Screen:


    4:3 Screen



    As always, sorry if I've fallen in grammatical mistakes, English is not my first language



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    @Ignacio Pablo Duro, this is because you can only fit so many columns within your screen size. 4:3 is very narrow, and does not allow for many columns. Try editing the table settings and removing some columns. 

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    Thanks for your reply! @Jon Erickson

    The thing is that this issue is also present in a 16:9 size. 


    If PERSCOM let the user decide how many columns want to see, maybe should be applying some workaround to prevent this from happening.

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