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  • Issue with AdminCP Logs


    Summary: Logs not showing Service Record or Combat Record

    Steps to Reproduce: Create a service record or combat record and check the PERSCOM Logs in adminCP

    Expected Results: Should see Created Service Records - Some Service Record

    Actual Results: You only see Created Service Records - with no description of the record that was added. Occurs with both service and combat records.

    Version/Build: PERSCOM 1.1.4

    Configuration: IPB 4.3

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    @Jon EricksonThis is what was showing when we used to create combat records 


    However, it seems after the update its changed to this


    Is it possible for it to be like this? Like when you edit the record.


    So when you add the record it would be Added combat record entry for User - Entry.

    It makes it easier to keep track of who has added what etc, originally I thought it was a bug but i'm guessing you designed it that way?


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    That’s correct. It is operating as designed. IPB doesn’t handle batch adding of records, so everything that is in perscom that allows you to do multiple things at once is custom. That being said, the first pic you posted is IPB  auto creating a log entry back when we used a mix of native IPB record creating and custom batch record creating. The edit log is native IPB log creation but the add is custom. I think I’ll be able to make them similar and we’ll check when I look at the code next. 

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