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  • Filtered Search in Personnel Roster.

    Ignacio Pablo Duro

    Summary: Search is not working properly. When the user filters by (i.e) "Position" it does not show any results.

    Steps to Reproduce: Access Personnel Roster in the Admin CP. Click on "Search". Select any criteria, then perform the search. (Check if the criteria selected should have results)

    Expected Results: All users that match with the selected criteria should be listed as results

    Actual Results: It doesn't show any results



    Also, the "anyone" option to apply a filter is missing.




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    This is the advanced search form. It is used to find very specific personnel matching the criteria. If any of the criteria that are selected don't match, then the soldier will not be returned. Just selecting one dropdown, and expecting it to return all personnel meeting that one dropdown is now how the search form is intended to work. I can add an "Any" option to each drop down that will help broaden the search, but at this point, the search form is working as intended! 

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    I've modified the search form to allow specific filters to be included/ignored from the search to help broaden the search capability. For example, you can now search by only one filter and leave the others unselected. I believe this is what you were hoping to be able to do.

    Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 2.23.44 PM.png

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    Yes, that's exactly what I'm was talking about. 

    The use case that I'm trying to cover is where a user is able to filter only a certain type of solider (maybe the ones assigned to a specific position) to perform, for instance, a bulk assignment.

    I think that should do it. 

    Sorry for submitting it as a bug, since it's more like a feature request. 



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