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  • File Assignment Record - Unable to select alternate from unit.

    Arthur Cantu

    Summary: When adding a New Assignment Record, the From Combat Unit only displays the current unit, unable to select any other units.

    This is good functionality when transferring from current unit, but when adding historical records, it doesn't work. I have to assign myself to the previous unit, then assign again to the new unit, then again to the current unit, and any steps in between, assuming I don't miss one along the way and have to start over! Additionally, the unit has to exist within the database, so any historical combat units that no longer exist, have to be added in to be able to update that record. 

    An option to just manually type in a historical record without processing of updating current status could solve all these issues.

    I'm also contemplating how to denote initial assignment, as there is no "From Combat Unit"

    A way to note what rank the soldier was at time of enlistment in the Service Record would be helpful too. Although we can manually add a service Record with the information, it would be helpful to have it added at time of processing the application, as I don't want the group that manages applications to have permissions for the service records. In this case I have to involve another person and step in the process.

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    Further thoughts on this:

    When a soldier is reassigned to the same unit but to a different position, there is no place to track that historically. I suppose we could again, manually add a service record entry, but now you're again using two functions and additionally having the relevant information in two separate locations.

    Perhaps we could change the way assignment records are displayed. Similar to how it was in perscom1. 

    Re-assignment: Squad Leader, Alpha Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad
    Re-assignment: Fireteam Leader, Alpha Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad
    Re-assignment: Fireteam Member, Alpha Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad
    Assigned to First Squad (1/2/A/1-3rdID)

    Currently it lists from and to, which would have made sense for perscom1 as assignments were mixed in with service records. However it seems redundant with the new system as its all right there.

    D to E
    C to D
    B to C
    A to B


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    Would it be more beneficial to include position in the assignment records table to enforce how it was just a position change in the same unit?

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