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    Discharged Soldiers not removed from Admin Positions

    Arthur Cantu

    Summary: When discharging soldier, they are not removed from the admin position, so they still appear within that roster.

    Steps to Reproduce: Discharge soldier as usual, check remove from groups.

    Expected Results: Soldier is discharged, admin positions removed, groups removed.

    Actual Results: Soldier is discharged successfully, groups are removed successfully, but admin positions are not removed, leaving discharged soldier visible in the roster's list.

    Version/Build: 1.2.0


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    I won’t classify this one as a bug, as it’s functioning as intended. Previously, I left them in their admin position to accurately preserve their personnel file to reflect their status when discharged but with the addition of rosters, they will still show up. I will add in the code to remove them when a discharge is processed!

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    I modified the roots() function of the Soldier class to always exclude discharged soldiers, unless a parameter in the function is set to yes. This will globally prevent discharged soldiers form showing up in the system on the frontend.

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